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Sign System Component Matching and Pairings

Marcal’s hardware systems have an open flexibility that allows them to be used in many different configurations for various purposes. Products lines can be mixed and matched to suit your communication needs – while retaining the simple aesthetic of core materials to compliment the architectural design. Product lines are developed for both horizontal and vertical movements within the built enviornment.

Graphic Design
and Production

Marcal hardware products are designed to accommodate printed inserts or surface applied graphics. Signflow can offer design services for the specifications of color, typography and graphic content and the production for small and large projects. Signflow will also develop graphic content templates that will allow end users to self-generate and print graphic content for future updates.

Other services

• Sample Board Loans and Purchases
• Customized Samples for Project Presentations
• Technical Data Support
• Installation Support / Installation Hardware Reference
• Detectable Tactile Flooring System Planning
• Comprehensive Estimates
• Shipping / Freight Estimates
• Bidding / Supplier for Contractor Tenders
• Final Procurement and Delivery

Tactile Flooring Indicators

Available are a range of high quality tactile relief flooring indicators that are designed to elegently integrate with existing flooring materials. Variations allow for custom configurations to meet the needs of the project. For both interior and exterior applications. Specific product lines are: Cedo, Podo Inox, Podoline, Podoalerte.

ADA Compliant Braille and Relief Lettering Fabrication

On request Signflow will customize each product to meet the up-to-date specification requirements for ADA compliant signage. Thermo-Casting, Laser, CNC, and Raster Braille ‘bead’ method are utilized for product customizations. ADA graphical content can be produced from provided drawings or on request.

Design Specification Drawings

Signflow can provided detailed project specification drawings for your clients review and for any required contractor submittals.

System Planning

Signflow will assist you in selecting the best sign component system and aesthetic style that works for your projects identificational, informational, and navigational signage needs.